Preparing for GPS/GNSS Receivers and Hardware for the 2019 GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO)

Above incident to be occurred on 2019-04-07 at 5:29:42 AM in Sri Lanka Standard Time, SLST (23:59:42 UTC on 2019-04-06 - Midnight GPS time, which differs by 18 leap-seconds from UTC). The 10-bit GPS Week Number broadcast by the constellation will be reset to zero for the second time since the beginning of GPS on 1980-01-06 (In 1024 weeks approximately in 20 years).  
 If your organization time maintenance and synchronization system is based on GPS receiver and not updated with recent firmware this may be critically affected to your organizational work and transactions due to the wrong date obtained from GPS satellites by its week number rollover. This notice is to inform operators of GPS receivers including mobile communication, Banking, transport and other time critical applications about any necessary actions.Read more......
Contact - Director -  dir@measurementsdept.gov.lk, 077 5704250
Deputy Director (Time & Frequency Division)- adelec@measurementsdept.gov.lk, 071 4970615 for further clarification


Accurate and reliable measurements for well protected customer community


“To establish, maintain & disseminate the national measurement standards in compliance with international standards, ensuring justice & equity for producers, traders, metrological & other service providers & consumers, through the regulatory & service activities based on measurements to uplift the quality of life and standards of Sri Lankans”

Scientific metrology

NML offers a wide range of scientific and technical capabilities that address more sectors of measurement at the highest level of precision and integrity.

Industrial metrology

Wide variety of calibration services provide by our laboratories to the Industry. 

Legal metrology

The primary purpose of a trade measurement system in Sri Lanka is to ensure that the pricing and quality of traded goods is based on accurate measurement. The aim is to provide an efficient and effective national trade measurement system across Sri Lanka for the community , Business and to provide confidence in all aspects of trade measurement through a unified , national system.

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