Industrial metrology

Industrial Metrology (Applied Metrology)


The Industrial Metrology also called the Applied Metrology is in practice. This section involves the production of scientific measurements and its usages in other subject fields and its use in the society ensuring the suitability of measuring instruments in industrial field. The standard control activities as taken in measurements are the primary of industrial metrology. In that, in order to confirm the necessities arising in industrial activities, the administration and measuring equipment management activities are undertaken.

The activities undertaken in industrial metrology are as follows: 

1. Providing necessary laboratory facilities for the industrial measurement system.

2. Providing consultations and training on measurements, calibration of equipments and method of resolving disputes that arise in industrial measurement systems.

3. Device for industrial measurements, determination of measurement standards, directing the users the correct usage of the measuring equipments and calibration methods.

4. Suitably design the Industrail Documentary Standards, Laboratory accreditation authority program and in order to confirm the standard systems, providing special assistance.


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