Repair person

Registration of Repair Persons / Agency of weights, Measures and weighing or Measuring Instruments




Any person / agency who wishes to obtain a Repair License must pass the theory & practical examination conducted by the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Department. The Licenses are issued under Mechanical repair and Electronic repair categories.

  1. Weights and Measures

  2. Scale Beams and Weights 

  3. Spring Balance

  4. Platform Scale (Mechanical)

  5. Counter Scales

  6. Weighbridges (Electronic or Mechanical)

  7. Electronic Weighing Instrument except weighbridge

  8. Any other additional makes



When a person or an organization employs a gang to repair weighing and measuring instruments each gang shall have a certificate of registration. A repair gang means a person or group of persons used to repair instruments. Each group shall have at least one person whose competence is accepted by the Director to repair such equipment. Names and National Identity Card numbers of such persons shall be notified to the Director.

Those holding a Certificate of Registration for the repair of these instruments shall comply with the relevant regulation and the Act.

Officer holding Certificate of Registration for repairing authorized weights, measures or weighing or measuring instruments. in one place or an institution shall not apply for registration in another place or an institution.


Disqualification Criteria

The repair license will be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • Upon the death of Technical Officer

  • On his resignation from the institution

  • On the determination that the Technical Officer in incapable of performing the functions of his office owing to his illness or mental or physical infirmity.


Submission Procedure


Make a request for repair license

The applicant is required to prepare and send a request letter indicating in which category the license is required.


Obtain an application form

The applicant would receive the Application Form upon passing the examination


Support Documents required

  1. Relevant educational and technical certificates

  2. National Identity Card


Hand over application form

He/she must fill the application form and submit it to the Department.
Then the license will be issued by the director mussd.


Working Days :-Monday to Friday

Working Hours :-8.30 am to 4.15 pm

Holidays :-All Public and Mercantile holidays


Step-by-Step Procedure:



Step 1: Applicant prepares and sends a request letter indicating which category of the license is required, to the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Department

Step 2: Department sends the letter to District Inspector for a workshop report

Step 3: District Inspector makes a field visit to the applicant’s workshop and performs an inspection to see whether the workshop has the suitable tools for repairing instruments.

Step 4: The District Inspector prepares a workshop report and sends it to the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Department

Step 5: The Department posts a letter to the applicant asking him to present for an examination.

Step 6: An examination on theory and practice is held for the applicant, by the Department..

Step 7: An examination is conducted to test the technical skills of the applicant.

Step 8: Once he/she successfully qualifies, the repair license is then issued to the applicant.



Note1: If the District Inspector is not satisfied with the condition of the workshop he/she will inform the Department. Reasons for rejection will be informed to the applicant by the department and he/she can apply again once the workshop requirements are met.

Note2: If the applicant fails the exam, he can re-sit the exam.

Note3: The license has to be renewed annually after registration.




Process Time Line

Applicant can get the license within 3 -6 months period

Examination duration: 
Practical: 2.30 hour

Theory  test: Viva test for 15 minutes

Submission Timeline

Submit Application Form:
Working days – Monday to Friday
Counter open hours – 8.30 am to 4.15 pm
Holidays – All Public and Mercantile Holidays


Validity Timeline

A Repair license is valid only from the 1st January to

31st December of the relevant year 


Costs Related to the Service

Cost - Applicant bears the cost for obtaining this service.



Registration fee for a Repairer Rs.
Repair measures 600.00
Repair scale beams & Weights 600.00
Repair spring balance 600.00
Repair Platform Scales (machanical) 600.00
Repair counter scale 600.00
Repair weighbridges (Mechanical or Electronic) 5000.00
Repair all types of mechanical weighing instruments Exept Weighbridge 3000.00
Repair electronic weighing instruments Exept Weighbridge 3000.00
Class II scales 600.00



Any person not being registered by the Director, shall be guilty of an offence and be liable to a fine not exceeding Rs. 1,000/= or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to both such fine and imprisonment.

* Also Refer to Offences and Penalties Section


Support Documents Required

National Identity Card


Related Services

Requirements to be fulfilled when transferring a license to another person   


Anyone could not to be transfer the repair license to another person,

Because the License is issued only for the Skilled person, who passed the examination by the department.

Is Any Skill person (repairers) want to resign his institution & then hope to work as repairer on any other institution or personal workshop,

It must be inform by the requesting new workshop inspection to the Director , mussd.

After the request,

the new work shop will be inspect by the District OIC & IF it is Satisfied , then the license will be renew as per the request.








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