Pressure Laboratory

Objective of Pressure Laboratory


The main objectives of the pressure laboratory are to establish, maintain and upgrade national primary standards of pressure measurements compatible to international standards through research and development.

The aim of the pressure laboratory is to realize,maintain and disseminate the derived SI Units of pressure(Pa).The laboratory has been providing apex level calibrations in different pressure regions and maintains traceability of pressure measurements at international level.

The main activities of the laboratory are participate inter comparisons in the field of pressure and to assure international traceability,provide calibration service to calibration laboratories , testing laboratories and to industry.

Pressure is a derived Unit combining the SI Units of Mass,Length and Time.

SI Unit - Pa=Nm-2






1)  Hydraulic Pressure Standards

The  hydraulic pressure standard in the range  up to 200 Mpa  

Hydraulic Pressure Balance





2)Pneumatic Pressure Standards

The  Pneumatic pressure standard in the range  up to 7 Mpa  


Pneumatic Pressure Balance




Existing facilities of pressure laboratory 


The following  secondary pressure standards have been established in the pressure laboratory and are internationally compatible Existing instruments and their ranges are shown in Table.


Pressure Region Instrument Range
Pneumatic pressure High Pressure pneumatic controller. 70 MPa
Hydraulic pressure Dual range Dead Weight Tester. 120 MPa
Comparator. 120 MPa
Blood Pressure Blood pressure stimulator and Tester
(High accuracy model)
0 - 400mmHg

Calibration Services 

Following calibration services provided by pressure laboratory from existing pressure facility.  

1. Hydraulic pressure gauges - up to 200 MPa


2. Pneumatic pressure gauges - up to 7 MPa


3. Blood pressure meters (Mercury sphygmomanometers , digital blood pressure apparatus , aneroid apparatus) 

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