Main functions


  1. Establishment and maintenance of Scientific, Legal and Administrative structure, which is required to secure and ensure international recognition of national measurement system of Sri Lanka.

  2. Secure the accuracy of measuring instruments used in trade, environmental protection, regulatory activities etc. by mandatory verification system.

  3. Providing calibration facilities to testing/calibration laboratories.

  4. Providing calibration facilities to industry.

  5. Take legal action against personnel who violate the measurement law of the country(MUSS Act.No.35 of 1995).

  6. Consumer education.

  7. Testing pre packed commodities.

  8. Providing and maintenance of Sri Lanka Standard Time.


Contribution to the industry


It is a subfield of our curricula which is termed Industrial Metrology. It concerns the application of measurement science to manufacturing and other processes and their use in society, ensuring the suitability of measurement instruments, their calibration and quality control of measurements. It also covers calibration procedures, calibration intervals, and control of measurement processes and management of measuring instrument in industry to ensure that they are in a state of compliance with requirements for their intended use.

Activities carried out by the department related to Industrial Metrology are as follows.

Sectors covered: production, health, import/export etc;


  1. Providing calibration facilities for the measurements and measuring instruments used in industry

  2. Providing training and consultation on measurements, calibrations, instrumentation and methods of resolving measurement problems raised in industrial measurements

  3. Directing personnel to design, manufacture, and evaluation of measurement standards, instruments and test methods for industrial measurements


Current capability of mussd 


  1. Primary standards, reference standards maintenance and calibration of secondary standards to maintain traceability

  1. Establishment of district basis verification centres, laboratories and verification of working standards

  2. Preliminary verification and re-verification of weights, measures, weighing and measuring equipment used in trade

  3. Legal control of manufacture, repair and sale of weighing and measuring instruments used in trade

  4. Protect consumers by implementing the penal section of the measurement law.

  5. Consumer education on Legal Metrology          

  6. Pattern approval of weights, measures, weighing and measuring instrument used in trade and industry

  7. Monitoring and controlling pre-packed commodities

  8. Mandatory calibration of measuring instruments related to health, environment protection and road safety

  1. Comparison of working standards and maintenance of district laboratories


International cooperation 


mussd is a member of the following international organization.

  1. International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML)

  2. Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP)

  3. An associate Member of General Conference of Weights and Measures (CGPM) and signatory to  its International Committee of Weights and Measures-Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM-MRA).


mussd has close relationships with APMP and SAARC – PTB programmes. The department is facilitated with various benefits of this programme including international training on metrology and consultancy.

Also mussd participate in mid year and annual meetings of APMP.


Further officers from mussd participate in training programmes offered by NPL - India, KRISS – Korea, NIMT – Thailand, NMIJ – Japan, NMIA – Australia. Sri Lanka standards and artifacts of the NML are periodically being calibrated from these NMI’s mentioned.

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